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  • parajumpers harraseeket lunch & lobster

    Everywhere zombie knife blade tail beast and the beast is at the end of lawless, countless Lava beast is moved forward with their fat injection body strength is weakened a lot of magma. We distribute the terrible ice cold, as long as the end of a sword blade tail beast beast or loss of any one fall, who will soon covered with blue ice, and Lava beast every moment in the dissemination of the body surface temperatures actually can not These melting blue ice, blue ice actually get by binding the hands! Is the death of a large block of ice for a just ice time than the sword of the beast much longer tail only.
    Zhou Yu Wang from stab A dog jumped back, feet smooth and transparent ice blue ice falls on the fly from an air conditioner from under their feet to the forehead, Zhou Yu instantly covered with a layer several centimeters thick The blue ice, Zhou Yujiang great power supporting the walk a few steps, Lanbing have fragmentation, issued a collapse collapse collapse, the crisp cracking sound, walk a few steps, the blue ice recrystallization, he was wrapped in blue ice In the inside, forming a human ice!

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    Morton star of this unprecedented number of executions, known as the most brutal in human history, the most efficient judicial action, Gen. Danny because of this incident also gone down in history.
    Morton said the galaxy is not as outsiders will fall into total collapse, but because of the disaster of the alien an opportunity to form, creating a world without Danny general feats, no matter where we go Danny generals are flowers and applause, in Danny? Morton, under the leadership of General, Morton galaxies become unprecedented unity ......
    Danny eventually no new empire, looting of the palace was burned to maintain the status quo, in the margins, and establish a huge metal monument, monument is a dynamic human form, from afar, is a soldier being and shaped battle to the death, it is worth mentioning that, monument of the material is the wreckage of the Royal Starfleet built for the residents of Morton Star has a remarkable significance.

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    Without the threat of fire, Wolverine immediately picked up speed, just tens of seconds, Liu Fei arrived at the heart of the battlefield.
    That fire is too powerful, even Wolverine can not afford. Obviously, that is designed to deal with armor artillery, Liu Fei did not want his armor was labeled a hornet's nest.
    In carefully, the Liu Fei heart a little bit closer, but this time, the explosion of shells sound more and more sparse.

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